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Rp 149.900

Rp 185.400

Rp 193.800

Extensions Register Renew Transfer
.com Rp136.900 Rp136.900 Rp136.900
.net Rp149.900 Rp149.900 Rp149.900
.org Rp185.400 Rp185.400 Rp185.400
.info Rp193.800 Rp193.800 Rp193.800
.biz Rp193.800 Rp193.800 Rp193.800
.us Rp115.800 Rp115.800 Rp115.800
.asia Rp207.000 Rp207.000 Rp207.000
.link Rp132.600 Rp132.600 Rp132.600
.xyz Rp165.600 Rp165.600 Rp165.600

FREE Domain Locking

We keep your domain locked in order to stay safe. Locked domain names can not be transferred to registrars or other accounts. When you make changes to your domain settings or contact information.

Automatic Domain Renewal

If you have multiple domains, it's easy to forget the extension period. LaunchPad automates this process so you can stay focused on your web-based business!

Easily Manage Domains

In addition to changing the nameservers for each domain in your management panel, you can easily create your own nameserver ( directly from the management panel.

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